TUS 1 – Round 1 Top 20


And… Here are the official results!


TUS Round 1: Top 20 Qualifiers by Audience Voting (Jul 1st – Aug 8, 2017)

Place Points Contestant Country
1 44.18M   Jesse Whalen  USA USA 
2 32.91M   Mike Osterman  USA USA
3 26.59M   Kilian Martin  Spain Spain 
4 24.00M   Matt Smithies  Great Britain England
5 23.17M   Cristobal Bahamonde  Chile Chile
6  20.20M  Connor Burke  USA USA 
7  17.95M  Ryan Brynelson  Canada Canada
8 17.39M   Alexandre Feliz  Chile Chile
9 17.21M   Masahiro Fujii  Japan Japan
10  17.12M  Ikkei Nagao  Japan Japan
11  16.54M  Yuta Fujii  Japan Japan
12  15.99M  Beau Trifiro  USA USA
13 15.92M   Sto Strouss  USA USA
14 12.98M   Isamu Yamamoto  Japan Japan
15 12.76M   Sean Burke  USA USA
16 12.65M   Jordan Sterling  Canada Canada
17  12.13M  Nick Beaulieu  USA USA
18 11.48M   Tűri Zoltán  Hungary Hungary
19 11.34M   Chadd Sinclair  Canada Canada
20 11.02M   Rafał Lipiec   Poland


Next Steps: 

Congrats to All Participants! You made this an awesome experience. Thank You!

Instructions about Round 2 Peer Voting will be sent to all contestants by email shortly.

Round 2: Peer voting will be open until Aug 13th (11:59pm UTC).

Top 10 as voted by Peers will go to the Final Round 3 – with over $5,000 in prizes!

Let’s select the best Freestylers in the world, together!


The World of Freestyle 

The contest unlocked 15 countries on 5 continents!  A total of 36 amazing contestants!

Check it out: http://starbeat.tv/the-world-of-freestyle/


The Ultimate Skateboarder


TUS 1 Reginal Snapshot | Total: 36 Contestants

Country Contestants
United States 9
Canada 5
Japan 4
Chile 2
England 2
Poland 2
Spain 2
Mexico 2
Germany 2
China 1
Hungary 1
Australia 1
Norway 1
Russia 1
Sweden 1


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