Chadd Sinclair!


Chadd Sinclair

Chadd Sinclair

28 Years Old
Surrey, BC, Canada  

Experience: Amateur, 11 years

Sponsors: Punisher Skateboards, Hart Mind Soul, Crop King Seeds


 Chad’s Story

When I first started skateboarding the learning process was very slow, it took awhile to learn how to do even the basic tricks and so forth. But because I was having so much fun and it relieved the stress of the day I stuck with it. For me skateboarding was a way to meet new friends and just hang out together. Then in High School things really changed, skateboarding was not popular and I got picked on and jumped for being a skater. Sadly I also twisted and shifted my ankle out of place on top of it all, so I put away my skateboard for about 6 years.

After going through a lot of serious life changing events I now suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, Severe Depression, Anxiety and Panic attacks. Then one day I saw a post on Facebook for Hippie Mikes Tour Of Surrey Skateboard Contest, since I had never been in a contest before, I decided I couldn’t pass it up. I went to the contest, had the time of my life and became close friends with Hippie Mike! I started going to his public events more and more, as well as to other skateboard events and I started to notice and realize a difference in myself. Skateboarding was helping me cope not only with stress but being able to go out and deal with my anxiety and my post traumatic stress disorder. I also started to progress a lot quicker doing a lot harder technical tricks that I would never have thought I’d be able to do. I finally started to get recognized for the talent and passion I have for skateboarding and was blessed to be sponsored by 3 different companies.

I started a YouTube channel in 2013 to share my passion and dedication to skateboarding which is under my name Chadd Sinclair. I have about 7400 subscribers now! I started giving back to the local kids at events as well online as much as I could. Its still really hard at times and every day is a battle dealing with my conditions but the people I have met are really amazing and supportive. The vast majority of skaters in the skateboard community will welcome anyone, any age any background with open arms. Then I went to the World Freestyle Round-Up and found that the freestyle community treats and welcomes everyone as if you were their own brother, part of their family. I really love skateboarding and will skate till the day I die!



2016 World Freestyle Round-Up: 14th Place Amateur
2015 Chance Skateboards & Truth Skate & Snow Bro Down: 1st Place Best Trick
2015 World Freestyle Round-Up: 10th Place Amateur
2014 Street Dreams Board Shop 4 Year Jam: 1st Place Best Trick
2014 Youth Week: 1st Place Best Trick
2014 Authentic Cloverdale Contest: 1st Place Best Trick


The World Round Up:






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