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“The Nickname”
23 Years Old
City, State & Country

Experience: X years, Y World Championships, List your top achievements, Scanning highlights…

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Your Story

Tell your audience something that matters – to You & Them. 

Who are you, where you’re from, why you freestyle, what other things move you, your quirks and grinds, the music & movies you love… what makes you – YOU!


Feel free to submit 3-5 additional photos. Maybe you want to send us the most boring photo in the history of the world, maybe the most interesting one? Everyone will see.

Ideal Image Specs: 400px x 400px Profile Photo + 736px wide 3-5 Story Images is our sweet spot.


Feel free to send a video link that you’d like to embed. Maybe a personal message for your audience, a shoutout, a dark confession, a joke – or something your fans just MUST know feel.

If the vid can embed, it can embed: usually Youtube, Vimeo… just send us the link. We like to drive our IT guys nuts.


Be genuine, be real, be entertaining – this is your chance to Be A Star!

No big deal… digital world stage for over a month of best international flatground freestylers uniting 200 countries under one spotlight: 24/7.  Gotta video from Mars? No prob, we’ll add the flag!


Will you be The Ultimate Skateboarder #1 in the Ultimate Skateboarder #1?

Submissions are FREE, admission tickets are FREE, and this challenge is IMPOSSIBLE… other than for just 1 exception. The first #1 (and prizes for Top 10).



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Social Network 3: @youraccount  

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Just use this page as a side template and email us all your text & media to   




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