Contestants Map

In our first Ultimate Skateboarder contest there were 35 competitors represented from 15 different countries, and none of them had to spend a dollar to enter this contest. By taking away the usual restriction of cost of travelling to get to a contest we have created a way for anyone to be able to compete with the Top skateboarders in the world without leaving their house.

With our LIVE and Interactive World Map we can not only showcase where all of our competitors are entering from but link any audience member directly to any contestants profile page or contest entry video allowing someone to discover a competitor through the map and vote for their video almost instantaneously. It’s the easiest way for our audience to navigate across the world and discover Top Skateboard Talent from all countries at once. As a competitor this is their chance to be recognized by the world and increase their followers and likes.



Voters Map

Talent exists everywhere in the world but it is difficult for some people to expand and grow their fan-base and popularity outside of their homeland. Our LIVE Voters Map showed our competitors which countries the audience members are located in that are actively following the competition, creating knowledge for where to promote themselves during the contest and afterwards. Having a worldwide audience gave every single competitor a fair and equal chance of being discovered for how talented they actually are. Even if they do not end up winning the contest, this feature gives them the chance to expand their fan-base and grow their status in other parts of the world, and could assist them in finding sponsorships or work opportunities. It also allows the voters to see that their votes actually count.


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