The Ultimate Skateboarder is a digital series of Online Skateboard Competitions where anyone can enter from anywhere in the world and be judged by a huge audience for their chance to win CASH PRIZES and be named the next “Ultimate Skateboarder”.

Working in partnership with World Talent Games and Powered by Starbeat, TUS will host a new contest every month to find the best of the best of all types of skateboarders, creating the opportunity for all skateboarders to be recognized equally and fairly.


Let’s face it, in today’s digital era, you are spoiled for choice. No matter what the subject, there is an amazing assortment of stories, photos and videos to tempt you. The problem is that there only so many hours in the day.

If you love skateboarding, but only want to spend time watching truly talented skaters, it can be a challenge to find the best videos. And if you are skater, how do you showcase your talent to the world? With over 600 hours of video uploaded each minute on You Tube, it’s hard to get attention. It’s also challenging to get any compensation for your efforts.

The Ultimate Skateboarder has a solution.


The Ultimate Skateboarder (TUS for short) is about the power of connection and inclusion. No matter where you live, what type of terrain you ride, or what type of board you use, TUS is your pathway to connecting with fellow skaters worldwide.

Whether you are a skateboarder or a fan of skateboarding, you have the freedom to choose where you want TUS to take you. From online voter all the way to featured participant, TUS connects skaters in a way no other platform can.

TUS is powered by StarBeat. This proprietary software is the catalyst that allows the skateboard community to showcase their talents to a world. We’ve taken ease and immediacy of YouTube and fused it with the power of “America’s Got Talent.”

No matter where you live, thanks to TUS, you can upload your video in the skate contest of your choice.


Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris is a Freestyle skateboard legend and was the first Canadian Professional Skateboarder. In 1979, at the age of 17, Kevin shattered the two-board 360 record in Vancouver spinning 1032 revolutions and still holds the World Record today. In 1984, Kevin joined Powell Peralta’s Bones Brigade and rode the 3rd wave of skateboarding to new heights touring the world with skaters like Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero and Rodney Mullen.

Kevin hosted the first professional mini-ramp contest, published the first Canadian skateboard magazine, founded and still operates Canada’s premiere skateboard distribution center – Ultimate Distribution, and still knows how to put on a show on his skate at any time.

@kevinharrisskate             www.ultimatedistro.com

Hippie Mike

Mike Faux, known best as Hippie Mike, has been skateboarding since 1986 and is a true skater for life. After moving to British Columbia in 1998 Mike became more well known in the skateboard industry for teaching kids how to skateboard and organizing many amazing skateboard competitions and demos helping to grow the popularity of skateboarding in a positive way. A sponsored Amateur, a proficient writer, and Owner of Protest Movement, RAD Skate Society and Hippie Mike Industries, Mike is here to make the world a better, less judgemental place for all people to be treated equally no matter what they look like, how they dress, or what they love to do.

@hippiemike1                     www.hippiemike.com

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